the music

For the Spaniards to feel at home, while partying abroad.

For the non-Spaniards to feel like partying in Spain.

Pop, disco, and Spanish rock hits. Also flamenco pop and rumba, so that you can hear some clapping,… and some freaking funny hits can’t be left out, either.

Salsa? bachata? Yeah, of course. You will be able to dance some salsa. But this is not a “salsa party” in itself.

Many identify salsa as a Spanish beat because of the language. Salsa, bachata and merengue are in fact Caribbean rhythms which are quite popular in Spain, but it is not part of our musical culture like flamenco or rumba.

In some regions, like the Canary Islands, you are more likely to listen to Latin rhythms being playing spontaneously in bars and discos. In other regions you may only listen to salsa, bachata or merengue in certain Latin music clubs.

Music evolves and the rhythms get fused more and more, so sometimes it’s difficult to tell the music gender.

We try to satisfy as many people as possible, but our DJs will stick 90% to our Spanish roots.